Suddenly the Koons is me…

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Jeff Koons, born and raised in NYC is often recognized as the most famous artists since Warhol. His work, like many of the pieces presented by artists in the 1960s, is often misunderstood. His art is banal, yet praised. Simple shapes, characters, and figures form part of his subjects of art. According to him art is, at its core, about acceptance.

Koons has made a name for himself in the American and foreign culture. His most recent collaboration is with Don Perignong. Also it is rumored that he might be collaborating with Lady Gaga on an Art Rave before the release of her album.

He has held solo galleries at the MoMa and The Gagosian Gallery in NYC as well as all around the world.


2 thoughts on “Suddenly the Koons is me…

  1. For the last month the only line i’ve been singing from that lady gaga song is the title on this post, so I got a little excited. I really like that you cleverly used that lyric as the title! I love Jeff Koons and most of his work, I’m not mature enough to get some of the made in heaven collection.

    • I’m glad you were able to make the relation between Gaga and Koons. I’m happy someone got excited over that reference!
      Made in Heaven by Koons is such a controversial topic. I don’t think it’s about being mature or adult enough to grasp the idea. I think it’s about understanding sex and the many facets of intercourse plus understanding Koons as an artist.

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