JidhzX7gqo4cw99btV2aPpZbo1_500Blogging was something I had always wanted to try but I never dared to do it. WHY? because I always thought I had no story to tell. Through this project I found out that I can tell someone else’s story and make it my own. I can bring to the present things that have are form the past, things that must not be forgotten, I can make the irrelevant relevant.

I also learned that there is always, someone interested in what you have to say. I lost my fear. I found that MY obsession with Andy Warhol goes beyond his art and philosophies, I like him because I see myself in him. I am not an artist and I more than likely won’t revolutionize the world BUT I have something to say and so did he. He celebrated his unique voice and thats what made him so famous. Many people may not understand what I have to say, many did not understand him, and thats ok. Not everyone has to understand it’s part of the process of becoming unique and making your voice your own.

This blogging project, aside from teaching me a lot about the career path I have chosen and the tools I need to learn, taught me not to be afraid and to venture into things that are unknown. Taking risks and learning new things end up being lessons that are never forgotten.

Also I learned how to use tools to brand myself and the story or idea I’m trying to sell. Eventually these skills that I learned are going to help me when facing the real world, a place where it is all about branding and selling my image. I love that we got to experience branding in the ‘flesh’ so to speak. I think the lessons learned through this class and project are going to be very helpful for the rest of my life.

I might be blowing this last post out of proportion, but that is how I feel.




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