Pop culture, which was the base for the pop ART movement, gave artists their subjects in which they based many of their creations. Not only were these pieces a portrait but they were a commentary on the fascination of America with idols and glamour. It was a clear documentation of the Americano Dream being able to obtain what you most desire… may it be an object or a person….

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John F. Kennedy

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Liz Taylor

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President Barack Obama

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Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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Elvis Presley

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Kanye West

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Lady Gaga in white dress

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Marylin Monroe

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Campbells soup can

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iphone 5C

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“Art is either a complaint or appeasement”…

popart artist John Johnson

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Jasper Johns, a Georgia born painter, sculptor and printmaker is mostly known for his images that feature 2-D objects like flags, maps, targets, numbers and letters. His style was banal and simplistic in color. A step away from the art that was hyped before POPART became vogue.

After the 1960’s he began to make sculptures with actual objects… this expanded his stardom even more. He is one of the most famous living artists of the POPART era.

You can learn more about him, see and shop his art on Jasper John’s website

John's most famous piece Painted Bronze - 1960

John’s most famous piece Painted Bronze – 1960

WHAAAM! It’s Roy Lichtenstein.


picture from Lichtenstein’s website

Roy Fox Lichtenstein became famous in the 1960’s for his interpretation of art. Mainly characterized for resembling comic strips and advertisements, his art was both a commentary on American popular culture and a reaction to the success of Abstract Expressionist art from names like Pollock and William de Kooning.

His signature art was a production of mass-produced images. He was born in NYC in 1923, he passed away in 1997.

Here’s a link to The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation where you can find a gallery of all his work.


During the time that this new art became popular, America was transforming. Culture was evolving and so this new art expressed the feelings of the era. This art projected “an air of intoxication, it was extroverted” the art was free. It somehow “spelled out the youthful buoyancy of America’s global climb.”
This art took simple everyday subjects and turned them into glamour and contemporary sculptures. It gave citizens the sense of stardom that everyone craves. POP ART materialized banal items, turning them into desired celebrities by the common American.

Quotes from POP ART: a critical history, Madoff Steven.


PROFITEROLE, 1989 Claes Oldenburg


By definition POPART is “art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.” In my opinion, it was an art movement that gave birth to artists who became celebrities and celebrities who became ART.

I am obsessed with the culture, ideas and philosophy of this movement. I chose this topic because although it is a well known idea, not many people know exactly what POPART is. I am going to expose the raw nature of this art movement that influenced a whole generation and is still present in our lives.

Beyond Andy Warhol, the most recognizable artist of this movement, I will shed light on the aftermath of the movement: music, clubs, parties, fame obsession and of course ART. enjoy.