I don’c consider my self an artiste, but in our time and day we all get a chance at our fifteen minutes of fame. Creating an app is in a way an art form. Apps bring people together they celebrate those aspects of culture and community that we often deem forgotten. If i had the drive to create something I would create an app. Peek inside, you might find this interesting.

I would create a photo editing app, with a POPART era theme. The users would be able to edit the pictures by applying six different layers based on artists of the era. Each layer would transform the picture into a different art piece unique to the artistes unique style of art. The users would be able to save the pictures in a gallery and they would also be able to print and share the creations on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media.

The app would be created solely for editing and sharing purposes. It would be a fun way to create art pieces instantly and easily.






Suddenly the Koons is me…

Picture from Jeffkoons.com

Jeff Koons, born and raised in NYC is often recognized as the most famous artists since Warhol. His work, like many of the pieces presented by artists in the 1960s, is often misunderstood. His art is banal, yet praised. Simple shapes, characters, and figures form part of his subjects of art. According to him art is, at its core, about acceptance.

Koons has made a name for himself in the American and foreign culture. His most recent collaboration is with Don Perignong. Also it is rumored that he might be collaborating with Lady Gaga on an Art Rave before the release of her album.

He has held solo galleries at the MoMa and The Gagosian Gallery in NYC as well as all around the world.


Pop culture, which was the base for the pop ART movement, gave artists their subjects in which they based many of their creations. Not only were these pieces a portrait but they were a commentary on the fascination of America with idols and glamour. It was a clear documentation of the Americano Dream being able to obtain what you most desire… may it be an object or a person….

Click on these old and new subjects of pop art.

John F. Kennedy

Picture from googl.com

Liz Taylor

Picture from Tumblr.com

President Barack Obama

Picture from Terry Richardson’s website.

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Picture from Google.com

Elvis Presley

Picture from Tumblr.com

Kanye West

Picture from google.com

Lady Gaga in white dress

Picture from @ladygaga twitter

Marylin Monroe

Picture from google.com

Campbells soup can

Picture from Google.com

iphone 5C

Picture from apple’s website


Picture from google.com

WHAAAM! It’s Roy Lichtenstein.


picture from Lichtenstein’s website

Roy Fox Lichtenstein became famous in the 1960’s for his interpretation of art. Mainly characterized for resembling comic strips and advertisements, his art was both a commentary on American popular culture and a reaction to the success of Abstract Expressionist art from names like Pollock and William de Kooning.

His signature art was a production of mass-produced images. He was born in NYC in 1923, he passed away in 1997.

Here’s a link to The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation where you can find a gallery of all his work.